Month: March 2014

No Mom is perfect

At a recent “Build Your Blog Conference” I attended, I met a lot of businesses that were looking to work with bloggers. Since I didn’t yet have a blog, I felt a little out of place like I had nothing these businesses wanted. So naturally, I enjoyed the “blogger/business speed dating” portion of the conference merely as a mom who… Read more →

My First “Bideo”

Anyone have a child who is obsessed with watching YouTube videos? (…of other kids and even adults reviewing toys and playing with Play-Doh?) Truth is that I never planned to go public about this. It’s like a dirty little mommy secret that I let her watch these videos on the iPad so I can curl my hair and put on a little bit of makeup some mornings. I’m hoping that at least a few of you are nodding your heads out there. If not, oops. Honestly, I often create a play space for her when I shower so that she’s playing hands on with her dollhouse and other toys. And I will spill the beans and say that I’m currently working on a chore system that also includes designated or possibly earned iPad time so that we can curb this little obsession of hers.  However, adults should take note now that YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google!

@lifeaseric and I both told her, semi-jokingly, that she should make her own Play-Doh toy review video. KC loved that idea so much and asked about it daily. I always prefer her playing with Play-Doh rather than watching others play with it…so as KC puts it so elequently, “Why the heck not?!” I took her to Target, let her pick out a new toy and some fresh Play-Doh (who else loves the smell of this stuff as much as me?), and filmed her with my iPhone as she opened the box and explored her new toy. I knew she was cute, but this video is so stinking adorable. She’s a natural on camera and talks to YouTubers like you are all sitting there in the room with her.  Now, part of this is fueled by her having two older sisters that are pretty YouTube crazy  savvy.  KC has even made a guest appearance on her oldest sister’s channel which you should check out also at MindYourManders.  So to say she hasn’t been mentored and coached a little would not be totally accurate.  Nonetheless, we were still pretty surprised!  Watch out Kelly Rippa!  Here comes KC!


So this is what you’ve all been waiting for…KC’s big YouTube debut!



Not sure yet if this is a one hit wonder or will develop into a “mini” series.  (get it…mini…series?  You’ll understand after watching)  In any case, KC says “please ‘suskibe’ if you (or your kids) want to see more of me playing!” She’d also like to know if you have any requests. :) Thanks for watching!  -lifeasallison

Stitchfix. Here to save the Bay!

Ever wished that someone else would just tell you what you should wear, how to wear it and send those clothes and accessories right to your doorstep? I think those exact words came out of my mouth (just ask @lifeaseric!) and I believe it was him that came across this service online and encouraged me to try it out. Talk… Read more →

Stranger in Our Home

Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease became a personal and family challenge in 2008.  It’s like coming home from a great day and finding an unwelcome stranger in your home except you can’t throw him out…no matter how much he repulses you.  So you embrace him, try to control him and make him part of your life as much as possible.  Just when… Read more →

Organizing. It’s in the bag! SugarSnap Review.

I crave organization in all areas of my life.  I’m not saying that everything is organized at this moment (we have moved several times in the past 8 years), but I do find myself less stressed and much happier when I’ve organized something that will make my life more efficient. For example, I cringe when I look into our garage.… Read more →

Charming King of SF

We are so fortunate to live only 20 miles from San Francisco since it is one of our favorite places.  Dinner, theater, museums and shopping are among our favorite city activities and, with them all only being a bridge away, none require an overnight stay.  However, there is something special about spending a night or two in San Francisco and… Read more →

Fickle Fones.

Full disclosure:  We are Apple fans.  I stood in line for over three hours to purchase my and THE first iPhone while typing on my Blackberry.  We have iMacs at our business as well as our home.  Our older kids all carry iPhones and our four year old has literally grown up with an iPad in her hands (the addiction of which we… Read more →

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