Month: April 2014

“My, My, My!”

I’ll be honest, leading up until Easter I wrote a post a day, and was up until 3am each night preparing those posts. Tis’ the life of a newbie blogger I guess! Needless to say, I was exhausted after Easter and took a short break from teaching sight words/high frequency words. Last night my daughter asked me, “Mommy, will we… Read more →

DIY April Showers

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I know that April showers bring May flowers, but I was still caught off guard when we woke up to rain yesterday. Rather than feel bummed that we’d be spending a lot of time inside, I jumped for joy (literally) because I had a special project just in mind for a rainy day. Ironically, I… Read more →

Easter Extravaganza!

Whether you have followed us from the beginning of our sight word adventure or are just joining us, we are thrilled to be a part of your child’s reading milestone! Our techniques can be used all year long with or without easter eggs and I empower you to get creative. Our beginning choice of sight words were based on how… Read more →

Candyland. The Healthy Version.

How to make your own game of Candyland Sight Word Edition – (I partnered with my mom on this idea. She’s a retired teacher and reading specialist.) 1. Print this blank game board template from Or choose from these other game board templates. 2. Write a sight word in each blank box from the list of words you are… Read more →

“I’m Reading!”

Today we played a mini mock version of our Easter egg hunt (minus the easter eggs) because I realized that aside from the homemade books we are still working on, we needed more review of our sight words being used in sentences “Go to the“, “Look at the“, and “Look in the“.  She found “Go to the k________.” written on… Read more →

Learning by “Memory”

Whether KC realizes it or not, we have been doing a lot of sight word reviewing around our house the last couple of days. I sneak the phrases, “Go to the…”, “Look at the…”, and “Look in the…” into our daily conversations. When we read together, whether it’s a book or even the program from her sister’s high school performance,… Read more →

“Look” Again!

KC received the best card via snail mail ever today from her GiGi (my mom). Have I mentioned that my mom is a retired teacher/reading specialist and is also my partner in…c-rhyme behind this series of sight reading posts. She wrote an Easter card that included all of the high frequency/sight words we’ve learned so far so that KC could… Read more →

The End of an Imperfect Day

Let’s be honest…today was a tough day in my book. Hence this late post with nothing much to say. Today I introduced the word “in” but I’ll admit that “in” got very left “out” today. Leave it to a nice lady in our gym locker room to enlighten me about why KC’s swimming adventure didn’t go so hot this afternoon.… Read more →

Love “at” First Sight

My daughter KC determined that today’s word should be “at”! I love to see how she makes connections, so when it just made sense to her that “Look at” was the next phrase, I had a proud mommy moment. So we can all thank KC for having the word “at” hidden all around our houses today. As usual, she woke… Read more →

“Look” for more!

My original plan was to teach our children three sight words, better known as “high frequency” words – “go”, “to” and “the.”   These 3 words can be found on a longer list of high frequency words that are the most frequently used words in books. We want children to instantly recognize these words by sight because it builds up reading… Read more →

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