Let’s “go” hopping’ – Part “to”

Day 1 was a huge success as I prepare KC for her annual Easter egg hunt and I hope it was for you too! I really enjoyed watching how quickly she learned and how excited she was to use the word “go” in her vocabulary all day long. “I’m going to go to the potty!” “Let’s go to the restaurant!” She was a little chatter box with the word “go” and I loved every minute of it because I knew that I’m helping to prepare her with sight words for Kindergarten and having fun at the same time.

My most creative hiding spot may have been spelling it out in her bath bubbles, which she got a huge kick out of. Today my daughter woke up determined that the word would be “the”. She was surprised to find “To” and “to” written out on her mirror waiting to welcome her when she went potty. She was not familiar with this one but knew the letters and immediately climbed up on her bathroom counter to trace them. It’s important to know that the word “to” cannot really be sounded out, otherwise it would sound like “toe” as in rhyming with “go”. Once I modeled tracing and spelling of the word “t-o” for her, I then slid my finger under it and just read the word. I said, “this is the word ‘to’.” She was delighted and has been able to read and spell it all day as she comes across it around the house (along with the old “go” word to keep it fresh in her mind).

We’ll be heading outside soon with several squares of paper with “Go”, “go”, “To”, and “to” written on them. Either we will lay them out like hopscotch and she will call out each word as she hops on it, or we will scatter the pages throughout the backyard and she will jump on each and call out the word as she finds them. Games like these are a great way to help remember new sight words. I hope that you will try it too!

A lot of my ideas for places to surprise my daughter with the words “go” and “to” have come to me as we are doing a new activity. So don’t feel like you have to prepare it all the night before. Just have fun and be sure to let us know where you hid the word “to” today!  – lifeasallison

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