Love “at” First Sight

My daughter KC determined that today’s word should be “at”! I love to see how she makes connections, so when it just made sense to her that “Look at” was the next phrase, I had a proud mommy moment. So we can all thank KC for having the word “at” hidden all around our houses today.

As usual, she woke up with “At” and “at” scrolled out on her bathroom mirror, and also stuck to the fridge door. I find it easiest to save the papers that I stick to the fridge door each day to use throughout the house during the week. It’s great review to practice all of our new words daily (Go/go/To/to/The/the/Look/look) and now “At” and “at”.  I also use mirrors and glass picture frames throughout our house to write words with dry erase pen, although it’s a little tougher to trace since she can’t actually touch it or it rubs off. She really enjoys tracing them at the end of the night though to watch them erase. She knows the routine by now, so she lets me model first, then traces and spells each letter herself, then points underneath as she says the word twice for “At” and “at.”

Until now each word has always been a surprise each morning. Now since she guessed the word yesterday, she and I have already talked quite a bit about the word “at.”  She figured out on her own that it starts with the letter “a” based off the fact that “apple” starts with “a” and makes the same beginning sound. I asked her how to spell “at”, and once she knew that it begins with “a”, she knew it was spelled “a-t”. So the real fun today is in the games! We’ll be playing more concentration and our outside running word game. She plans to incorporate her cheerleading pom poms today! I have a few more fun games in mind that will be introduced later in the week.

Last night, KC wanted to know how the clues will work on Easter, so I gave her examples of clues that started with “Go to the g_____” and “Look at the p______” and she had fun figuring them out. This is when I connected the dots that at this rate she’s going to be reading by Easter! Seriously. Reading is thinking, and she’s been doing a lot of thinking with these “high frequency” words she’s been learning. Come Easter time, she’s going to be able to read the clues with sentences using these new words. Let me know how it’s going for you and your child! Are you as excited as I am?

KC really wants to write and illustrate a few more pages in her “Go to” book today. She even told me a few of her ideas last night when she was delaying bedtime! I mentioned that we will start a book for “Look at” and she wanted to know if we could start that today as well.  She doesn’t need to twist my arm when it comes to educational stuff like this instead of begging for the iPad or tv time! She plans to fill her bookcase with her homemade books! Before we know it, we’ll have books for “Go to”, “Look at”, Look in” and many more. When Easter is over, I will decide what words to teach next by thinking of what books she would enjoy writing, illustrating and reading. So stick with us and you won’t be sorry!  – lifeasallison

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