“I’m Reading!”

Today we played a mini mock version of our Easter egg hunt (minus the easter eggs) because I realized that aside from the homemade books we are still working on, we needed more review of our sight words being used in sentences “Go to the“, “Look at the“, and “Look in the“.  She found “Go to the k________.” written on the hallway mirror. That’s the word “to” she exclaimed. I loved that she saw the entire sentence and rather than say “I don’t know it”, she found a word she did know! I reminded her to read left to right and asked her what letter the first word started with. She read, “G-o. Go”, then finished the sentence “to the. Go to the!” The “k________” threw her off and she asked why there was just a “k.” I asked questions about what things in our house start with the letter k, and ended up helping to steer her in the direction of names of rooms, and eventually gave her clues about what things she could find in that room. Off we headed to the “k-itchen! There she found “Look at the c_______” written on the chalkboard. She read the sentence with ease and after I asked her a few questions suggesting the living room, she ran over to search the “c-arpet” in the living room for her next clue.

She ended up finding the next sentence, “Look in the b________” written out on a piece of paper on the “c-ouch”. She began to read, “Look” and then said “That’s not ‘at’!” She spelled out “i-n” and after I asked her what sound the letter “i” makes, she finished the sentence, “Look in the.” Again, I asked questions that led her to say “backyard” and there she found a tea party set up on the grass with some of her dolly and stuffed animal friends! “Oh! How nice! A tea party. Let’s go, mommy!” Gotta love her! (Yes, that’s a real parrot in the picture!)

We plan to have our Easter egg hunt this coming Saturday, so I’ll be sure to prepare it in advance and post for all to see before you make your own Easter egg hunt!

I also introduced the word “my” today and reviewed it with her several times. If your child is ready for more words, feel free to add “my” to your child’s list of sight words because we have some fun plans for it after Easter.

Tomorrow I will share with you a free template that I found online to use as we make our own Candyland sight word game. Stayed tuned!  – lifeasallison


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