Four Funerals and a Baby

Four Funerals and a Baby ( #family #familyphoto #selfie Here’s the score for this week so far. Four Funerals. One Baby. Eric will have to miss going to the final OB appointment with Alli tomorrow because things are so busy at work. Doctor told us last week that if baby boy didn’t come on his own by the end of this week she would, most likely, induce Saturday. So, baby RD will be here by the end of the week.

We also had several families over this last weekend that had loved ones die resulting in the scheduling of four funerals for this week…so far. At least one each day from Tuesday to Friday. We never take the honor of families calling upon us to help them when someone dies and every family we serve (and their deceased loved one) lightly and they become a priority to us. Really, the only milestone equal to the passing away of someone is….well, the birth of someone. But the ironic thing is this…when you dedicate your life to helping care for the dead and their families it can and will interrupt and overshadow your own life’s events…which can even include the birth of one of your children.

We are a small business. Not so much in the number of people we serve as we cared for close to 400 last year. But we choose to be small staffed and family operated so we can insure the quality of care is always influenced by our family. So, as we head into this week we are a little bit nervous about the small possibility Eric could miss the baby’s birth. Yes, everything we can do to appropriately staff the services and the week so that won’t happen is being done but, the chance will remain. We are used to missing holidays, parties, dates, concerts, performances (our oldest daughter also opens in “West Side Story” this weekend) and vacations. The biggest celebrations and the most intimate of times often get interrupted when the phone rings. Hell yes, we get frustrated and it even sometimes causes arguments, but in the end we know we made the commitment long ago to the dead and to those they leave behind. The motto of “Family First” is a bit of a doubled edged sword for us as sometimes other families have to come first.

All of our kids have been born into this life, and so will the baby. Now, he won’t know the difference if Dad didn’t make it to his birth, but Dad would so much regret not being there for his mom during that time. All we can do is pray and hope for the best, get things ready for this baby, and plan and direct four funerals. At the end of the week we will have been blessed by all of them!

-life as us

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