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Guess who is talking??!! Baby RD! Well…making noise anyway over and beyond the crying, whimpering, and grunts he came out doing. I guess the correct term is cooing, but it is the first stage to talking and has to be one of the most precious sounds in the world. It often starts while changing a diaper or even when he is alone in his crib after a nap. Nonetheless, it causes all of us to stop what we are doing and scramble to full attention as ears perk and hearts melt.

Like all new milestones we also scramble to find out more. Here are some interesting things about the beautiful language of cooing!

Most babies will start making vowel sounds by 6 to 12 weeks.

What starts out as random noise will quickly become in response or directed to a person or even object!

Encourage it by talking (come ON…go ahead and coo) back! Babies LOVE to be talked to and especially in their native coo tongue!

Talk to the baby about what you are doing. “Now I’m going to change your diaper, button your onesie, clean your face…”

Carry on conversations with them and just answer for them. “Do you like to take your bath, RD?” “I do, I do like baths, Mommy.”

READ, READ, READ and then read some more. Easy to do if you have older kids to read to, but babies love hearing your voice and reading is a great way to share it and important habit to get started!

Sing your little heart out! Your baby will think you have the best voice in the whole world!

And finally…record these first sounds from your baby. How amazing to be able to play them over and over that same day or 14 years from now when they stop talking!

-Life as Us

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