Jamming with KC – Osmo Coding Jam Review



Hey, everyone! It’s KC here to talk a little about screen time. You know, the term our parents have come up with when we finally get the iPad in our hands. Now, I don’t know about all of you, but my “screen time” has seriously been shortened. Gone are the days when I always stayed current with my favorite YouTubers and Mom finally deleted the BEST cat app ever after getting tired of the “time to feed me” notifications. I mean, I get it…reading a book or playing with my little brother is supposed to be better for me. But, the iPad has been around basically my WHOLE life. That’s seven years and it’s just not cool to close the technology window to my four feet world!




And then Osmo came along. I got an Osmo base and a few games last Christmas and suddenly the iPad was back in my hands! What is Osmo? Basically, it connects the virtual world inside the iPad with the real world. Like one of my favorite things to do is draw. With the Osmo Monster game “Mo” tells me what to draw and when I do he reaches out from the screen and pulls it off my drawing board and into his world. No…REALLY! Then he shows me tricks and tells me stories with what I imagined and drew! It’s pretty amazing and my parents are okay with a little more screen time.




Another one of my most favorite things is music. I love to sing and listen to music and even, recently, began taking piano lessons. So, I was pretty excited to hear that Osmo was coming out with a music making game and even more excited when Mom and Dad said the people at Osmo wanted to send us this new game (and an extra OSMO base) before it was sent to stores and everyone else. I already felt like a rock star and I hadn’t even made any music with it yet!




It’s called Coding Jam and to me it’s the fun way to make my own music with the help of some more funny Osmo characters. My favorite so far is this cute duck, but the more I play the more characters become available. My parents say I’m even learning about coding while I’m making music, but I really don’t realize it. Coding Jam let’s me make new songs and even whole bands with the characters using these fun coding blocks that stick together like magnets. It’s kind of like being a DJ, but it’s all my own music! I don’t even hold the iPad. I play and arrange the tiles to control the characters and the sounds they make with their instruments. Mom calls this tangible play, but I just call it jamming! I, also, love that I can play it anywhere and don’t have to have an internet┬áconnection for the games to work after it’s first set up.




You do need an iPad for any of the Osmo games to work, but it works on almost all of them except the iPad Pro 12 and iPad 1, WHICH came out a month after I was born. Osmo says Coding Jam is good for kids 5-12 year old, but I keep catching my dad playing with it…who is definitely older than twelve!





Hope you get to try it out. Let me know if you have an Osmo and what games you like. If you get Coding Jam we can even share songs safely with each other through the game or just come to Golden Gate Park next time you’re in San Francisco. I’m pretty sure I’ll be performing concerts by then. :-) Happy jamming!





Disclaimer: Although, we were gifted the Coding Jam game and an OSMO base all opinions are our own.


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