Step Up Your GAME! More Sight Word Fun.

You’ll have your child begging to practice their sight words with these two games. My daughter KC loves them so much that she has them all set up at the table each morning before I’m even done making her breakfast. These games are great to play leading up to our annual Easter egg hunt.  We’ve shown you how to introduce sight words… Read more →

The Writing on the Wall – more sight word fun!

New to our FUN and EDUCATIONAL Easter egg hunt that teaches kids important sight words? Be sure to catch this post to get started with your child on sight words “go”, “to”, “the”, “look”, “at”, and “in”. Realistically it will probably take you about 7 or 8 days to learn to these 6 sight words. At that point we’d love for you to join us as… Read more →

Eggstra Eggstra, Read all About it!

  Exactly one year ago I spent these two weeks leading up to Easter introducing and practicing sight words, also known as “high frequency words” with KC that I used to write clues for our annual egg hunt that led to her basket on Easter morning. What a fun way to acquire some basic sight words and use them in the context of… Read more →

The Sweetest Language

    Guess who is talking??!! Baby RD! Well…making noise anyway over and beyond the crying, whimpering, and grunts he came out doing. I guess the correct term is cooing, but it is the first stage to talking and has to be one of the most precious sounds in the world. It often starts while changing a diaper or even when… Read more →

Is there a Doctor in the House?

  Unfortunately, it has not been a very healthy Life as Us couple of weeks.  Last week one morning KC’s left eye started to look a little red.  By mid day it was beginning to ooze not-so-wonderful yuckiness and by evening her whole eye was starting to swell.  Alli had texted me a pic earlier in the day and we… Read more →

My Wind Game.

As a boy growing up on a farm in Northeast Colorado I used to have to find creative ways to entertain myself. With acres to roam nature was often my playmate. Whether it was exploring the mostly dry creek bed,  catching tadpoles in ponds, or making mazes in the wheat fields the elements rarely kept me from being outside. Today… Read more →

Something New in Our Pockets!

No doubt. We are a techie family. And the main staple of our tech life is our iPhones. Like most, our smartphones are used daily as a communication device, media player, internet browser, navigation tool, and, who can forget, camera. Our lives are more documented now than ever. Where we are, what we are doing, who we are with, where… Read more →

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